Terms & Conditions

The aim of theathleteplace is to provide peer-to-peer support and a place for like-minded interaction. Helping our fellow athletes from all sports to overcome difficulties through the sharing of experiences and advice, requires genuine sensitivity and empathy.


Use of this site requires you to accept the following terms and conditions, to ensure that we are all here for the same reason … to look after each other. 

Our Community Principles 

  • This site is for peer support and advice only and should not replace professional guidance.
  • Please consider this when offering advice to others. If you are/you feel the other person is unsafe, please contact a relevant healthcare professional (GP, Mind, SamaritansYoungMinds, etc) before making decisions that could affect you/others.
  • This site is for everyone regardless of age*, gender, sport, ability etc.
  • You must abide by theathleteplace community guidelines when using the site.
  • Please look out for and treat one another with respect. On no account will rudeness or bullying of any kind be tolerated. This is a space for everyone, help make it a good one.
  • *it is recommended that users are over the age of 13 due to the potential exposure of sensitive content.


  • Our site will be moderated as often as possible.
  • Moderating is done to ensure a safe and supportive environment for its users.
  • theathleteplace is not a crisis site, it cannot provide crisis support. Only suggest support or the correct professional guidance to seek for an individual in need.
  • If you feel you or another are in danger or need urgent help, seek help from professionals, sites such as mind.org.ukYoungMinds or call 999.
  • If you are concerned about something please click “report” or contact us.
  • Content deemed inappropriate or outside of theathleteplace guidelines will be removed.

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Users have the option to use anonymous display names to ensure anonymity from other users if desired. 
  • If you wish to remain completely anonymous you can use a generated email address.
  • Information will not be shared unless a violation of guidelines and the health & safety of you or others occurs.
  • Please refrain from self-promotion and advertising of irrelevant content on the site.


  • By using the site you are legally agreeing to abide by the guidelines and term & conditions in place. If you feel you cannot respect these then do not use the site.
  • Guidelines and terms & conditions are subject to change with time, so please be sure to regularly check and familiarise yourself to avoid any issues.
  • theathleteplace hub is somewhere people interact with fellow sportspeople, sharing experiences and support on things that occur in our lives as sportspeople and humans.


  • theathleteplace owns all content produced. No content from this site may be copied, used, or reproduced without the permission of the founder. Unless it is used for non-commercial personal use where no written consent is required (e.g sharing content to social media etc).


  • The content provided and produced by theathleteplace aims to be accurate and up to date. However, theathleteplace cannot accept liability for any errors or inaccuracies that occur. If you have an issue with something please contact the team.
  • It is up to you to ensure that you only post things you wish to be on the internet.
  • theathleteplace does not provide professional advice, only peer-to-peer support from personal experiences or suggested information. If you wish to seek professional help please contact a GP or relevant organisation.
  • Peer support and suggestions provided by others should not be used in place of professional advice.
  • theathleteplace takes no responsibility for the content produced by other people.
  • Nor should it take any responsibility for loss, damage or any alleged to be caused by your use of the site or other sites. If you have any concerns please contact us.

User Conduct 

  • Participate and use theathleteplace at your own risk.
  • All views published on forums and comments are those of the user and not of theathleteplace unless stated.
  • The use of names, legal services, or its staff in a negative light is not acceptable on the site.
  • The use of interactive areas on the site to gather data and statistics is not allowed unless granted by written permission from theathleteplace.
  • theathleteplace is open to all users, should they respect the guidelines and terms & conditions.
  • By using the site you are agreeing to the terms & conditions provided. If you cannot do so then you should not use the site.
  • Users must not give out personal information relating to themselves or others on the site.
  • You must not alter the site in any way or carry out anything to prevent the working or safety of this site.
  • Users must not post content which breach any laws or are offensive to others.
  • theathleteplace does not guarantee that this site will be error-free.
  • You are responsible for using technology that supports the site.

Posting & Interaction

  • Users must ensure that anything they post onto the site is true.
  • Content must not be obscene, defamatory or libellous, inflammatory, vulgar, discriminatory, harassing, sexually orientated, racial, political, hateful, threatening, in violation of any laws or good morals and practice, personally abusive, or that brings, or is likely to bring, this site, theathleteplace or its users into harm.
  • Content containing any form of personal information is not recommended.
  • Posting must not promote or endorse irrelevant, harmful or unhelpful content.
  • Do not continuously repeat (spam) the site with the same content or post.
  • Users agree to respect others and their privacy. Users are under no obligation to do what other people may ask or say.
  • The passing on of information is not allowed unless consent from the other user is permitted.

Let’s Get Talking.

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