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    Sport has inspired us for millennia and is showing no signs of stopping. Seeing triumphs and showcases of human spirit reminds us that we’re malleable, capable of achieving incredible things with just our minds and bodies. The inspiration to go on that journey starts at a young age, when our imaginations are at their peak. I’m sure I speak for a lot of athletes when I say a lot of that inspiration came from stories in books, films and TV shows.

    What fiction do you credit with pedalling your motivation? Do you ever use them as prep before a big event?

    Here’s my Top 5:

    1. Doctor Who – An unlikely candidate I know. When I was a kid I couldn’t get enough of this show, and still can’t to this day. David Tennant’s character’s infectious attitude towards life made me want to approach everything with vim. Even though it wasn’t sports related, I still feel a big sense of myself comes from watching Dr Who.
    2. Dragon Ball Z (and other anime) – Hope there’s a few out there who’ll co-sign this one! For those of you wondering what the hype is; here’s the best way I can explain. I grew up LOVING superheroes, but there was always one message that separated me from these characters. The message was that if you’re born special, or accidentally stumble across a gift or have rich parents, you’ll be the hero. When I discovered anime, suddenly I was met with superhumans who credited their success to one thing: TRAINING. The fights no matter how unrealistic and cheesy felt so much more engaging because suddenly you felt like all this was something you could attain by putting work in. That lesson set me up for life!
    3. Gattaca – A film that embodies “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” in the purest sense. I won’t spoil it, just watch it if you haven’t already.
    4. Refugee Boy (Book, Benjamin Zephaniah– I was brought up in East London in large part by a community of immigrants. My mum had come from the Congo and worked full time, so many of my carers were from various parts of Africa and the Caribbean. Reading a book at that age about my area in which our unique worldview took centre stage made me feel so represented. It made me want to put the stories of those I grew up with on the map.
    5. Chariots of Fire – Makes me proud to run. Makes me proud to be British. Makes me proud to be a Man of Faith. Where to I finish. This film is a classic for a reason.

    Really wanna hear your picks! I’m sure everyone resonates to different things and that’s the beauty of storytelling.

    ~ Haydock

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      yoooo, this is actually inspirational just reading it!

      I love your choices (chariots of fire is an all-time classic for ant athletics fans)

      Heres one from me:

      Lord of the Rings ) I grew up reading, watching, playing, collecting & just about anything else I could do that was Lord of the Rings. Although, what made me love it the most was not for the love of Legolas’ long hair, but the hidden meanings behind everything, they might not be on purpose but I sure resonate.

      If you look at “The Fellowship of the Ring” a group of people from all walks of life, races, ‘countries’ etc coming together and becoming friends and accomplishing awesome things together. I like to relate that to my own journey and background, meeting people from other walks of life who I would not have been able to meet had it not been for my sporting journey thus far. Such as Legolas and Gimli becoming best of friends, despite hating each other, coming from opposing backgrounds and having beef non-stop.

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