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    smallblondeguy: I am curious as to what people do to start their days off, to increase the likelihood of them having a good day? I sometimes struggle to get up and start the day, as I don’t feel like i have much to look forward to? Does anyone else feel like this? I know struggling to get out of bed is very common aha, but it is often linked to me feeling down too.


    Any tips are appreciated!

    We strongly believe that starting your day off right is so key! We have found that sleeping with your phone in another room is great, as it takes away you sitting in bed scrolling aimlessly.

    Starting your day off with something you really look forward to is also great, if you are a book worm then try having a book by your bed? Or maybe organising to go on walks with friends in the mornings to get you up and our the house, something to look forward to too?!

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