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    For me switching off definitely involves switching off my phone because it’s so easy to check social media and news apps if your phone is on and right in front of you.

    It has been noted by @theathleteplace that reading is really good; and I have to agree although it’s something I only really do in the evening before bed as opposed to during the day when I’m trying to be up and about doing stuff. It is an ideal way to relax and get some peace and quiet though.

    Skype with a friend is also a really good switch-off method for me, far better than using a messenger app (even though it is quick and convenient, it’s not the same as seeing them whilst you catch up).

    Board games also great way to switch off so long as you keep technology out of it, the atmosphere is so different when you have a few people all focussing on the same thing in silence!

    On a slightly unrelated note (in response to @1997), Val McDermid was on University Challenge a few years back and was an absolute machine


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