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Site Features FAQs2

Ever wanted your own blog but never got round to all the nitty-gritty stuff such as making a website?

With theathleteplace, you don't have to worry about that...users can publish their own content on the site and will then automatically have their own blog.

User blogs can be found on their own profiles for all to see and share. With the "follow" feature you will be able to keep track of content and posts by others and build your own fanbases and followings to see your content.

Fully customisable profiles and links to alternate social media platforms,  providing instant sharing and promotion of your own or other's work.

Let's Get Talking 

theathleteplace, the place where athletes talk.

Quite literally, theathleteplace gives you a platform to express yourself, to likeminded people, people who want or need help or entertainment too! A platform to talk about whatever is on your mind, serious or unserious...it's totally up to you.

Start conversations and share them straight to social media platforms and really kickstart your discussions!

Let's Get Talking

Your Place to Talk FAQs1

"Your Place to Talk" is an open discussion area for all to join in or start their own conversations.

here is a brief summary of how it works:

1) Register & Sign in

2) Visit the desired discussion area on the homepage or on the "Your Place to Talk" tab in menus.

3) If you have anything you specifically want to talk or read about, search for a keyword in the search bar or look for topics that you relate to.

Alternatively, start your own topic underneath the topics shown.

4) When you have found what you want to talk about or started your own topic, you can get talking!

5) If you feel you need to edit your reply once you've published it then click "edit" on your reply.

Once you have started your own topic or joined in an existing topic, you have the option to "Subscribe" to be notified by email when there is new activity.

Key terms:

Forums: the broadest form of topic, only administrators can create or edit these.

Topics: topics within larger discussion areas, anyone can create their own topics.

Replies: Replies within topics.

Let's Get Talking

Content by You FAQs3

Anyone can submit content to be published on theathleteplace's  "Content by You" section.

From short chatty blogs to longer and more personal stories, you can submit anything you feel passionately about or will be of benefit to others in some way shape or form.

You do not have to be a certain level of writer or creator to publish work on this site, we welcome all!

To do this:

1) Register & Sign in by clicking the "LOGIN" button located in the top right.

2) Go to either the "+" symbol (recommended) at the top left of the screen once logged in to enable a more in-depth creative experience OR the "My Blog" button on the account drop-down. By clicking the "+" symbol it will enable you to save & preview your work, with greater customisation to your content.

3) Once you are satisfied, press submit at the bottom of the blog and wait for it to be approved by an administrator. This is done for moderating purposes to ensure content is safe and is not offensive.

4) Once your work has been approved it will appear on the "Content by You" page for all to see, interact with and share. It will also appear under the "My Blog" section on your profile along with any other work you have produced, 0ther people will be able to see this when viewing your profile.

Let's Get Talking.

theathleteplace welcomes all!

You do not have to be the world's best writer to publish content on the site.

Let's Get Talking

Account Customisation3

With theathleteplace, you can register, create and customise your profile by logging in and clicking "edit profile" in the dropdown.

With options from:

  • Profile picture
  • Cover picture (ensure the image fits the frame on both mobile AND web)
  • Display names (can be anonymous)
  • Biography about you
  • Social Media links
  • Links to websites
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nationality

Let's Get Talking

If you have problems with your profile page not updating (e.g. biography), then please try it again - emojis aren't always compatible - keep your profile looking good!

If you are having issues with uploading pictures to your profile then try again on a different device e.g., using a PC if struggling on phone.

*Please note the format will change across devices, so may not look as good on one as the other! (Usually, PC struggles more than phone)*

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