Episode #7 Dubai Training Camps, Athlete Side Hustles & Cancelling the Olympics? ft Zak Skinner.

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In today’s episode, I caught up with Zak Skinner, a long time friend and former housemate, GB International athlete, DJ and entrepreneur.

We discussed a wide variety of topics from our views on the funded and non-funded training camps in Dubai to his younger self’s celebrity crush (check it out to see if you agree with him!?). Additionally, we covered our thoughts and views on if the Olympics and Paralympics will go ahead and what could be done to make it safer.

For those of you who know Zak, he isn’t shy, know he will happily express his views on anything. Now an Adidas athlete, he explains the highs and lows of what COVID-19 has brought him (and us) regarding both sport and lifestyle. How having something in your life other than your primary focus, be it sport or work, so that you don’t get consumed by it, so you can keep a fresh mind and focus; this is especially important in a year of uncertainty such as 2021.

For those of you who enjoy laid back discussion, laughter and some jokes here and there, this episode is perfect for you!

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