Episode #5 International Rugby, “Switching Off” & New Headline Sporting Event!? ft Dom Morris.

Featured Image by: Saracens Rugby Club

Episode #5 brings us Saracens Rugby hotshot and academy graduate Dom Morris, we speak about the lives we are living amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and how we are doing all we can to keep sane. Alongside the importance of “switching off” once you are home from work or sport – what are your thoughts on mindfulness and meditation?

Dom talks about how Saracens, International rugby powerhouse, look after their players but most importantly as human beings and by making sure they have skills besides rugby to fall back on, very smart. From team-building and cohesion events to simply talking to one another about troubles and touching subjects to their favourite Christmas movie (give the podcast a listen to hear Dom’s!).

Not only do we talk about International Rugby, but we also talk about the importance of sport as a kid and the best way to go about this, in our opinions. We speak about some of our ideas as to how we can make some exciting events for sports fans and athletes.

Any guesses as to how this could be done? Let us know if you agree with us or have some better ideas on the socials below.

January 15, 2021


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