Episode #3 Olympian at 18 & the Mindset of a European Record Holder ft Andreas Vazaios.

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For episode 3 we are in the company of a European Record Holder, three-time NCAA champion and two-time Greek Olympic swimmer, Andreas Vazaios. We speak about the pressures of attending championships at a young age, the importance of mental wellbeing and how balancing studies with training can have its perks.

Additionally, Andreas talks about his experiences of the collegiate system in the USA, NC State, and how advancements in technology and training methods are so important for performance. The human body and mind were compared to a racing car that needs the right fuel and maintenance for peak performance.

Andreas and I talk about his fulfilling of a childhood dream, being a sports psychologist, and how there is arguably no better place to both study and train for Tokyo 2021 Olympics than Loughborough University, the #1 University in the World for sports-related topics. We discuss the progression of sports, from a performance and entertainment point of view and much more.

December 17, 2020


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