Episode #1 Introduction to theathleteplace ft. Sam Miller

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In the first ever theathleteplace podcast, I chat with the site’s social media guru, Sam Miller, Great Britain 200m sprinter, about why theathleteplace was created, the myriad of reasons that contribute towards this very clear need, and our views about how to take the platform forward. I also ask Sam how he creates his successful social media posts and the advice he would give to others who want to grow their online presence and get their message out there.

Many of us have endured setbacks in our sporting careers or life in general, that have put us in a challenging place, mentally. The stigma that it’s weak to ask for help, results in us suffering this pain in silence, pretending all is ok. Unfortunately, in sport, if you’re feeling rubbish inside, that will almost certainly transfer to your performance. And so, the spiral continues …

We discuss the need to address this destructive stigma and make sport a less lonely place when things aren’t going to plan.

We describe how at theathleteplace we hope to combine posts about delicate topics with general sports chat, like what trainers we should buy, or who’s doing what in sport, the goal being to normalise talk about challenging issues.

December 4, 2020


Welcome to theathleteplace, facilitating athlete wellbeing. We aim to support the current and future generations of athletes the way they deserve.

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